Younger employees are struggling with the impact of remote working on their professional development, new research from has revealed.

The AI-powered learning platform commissioned an independent survey among 1,235 UK workers in full-time employment. It found that 34% of employees aged between 18 and 34 are concerned that they are falling behind their peers where their professional skills and knowledge are concerned. This is compared with just 21% of 35-54-year-olds, and 12% of over-55s.

As few as 22% say their employer has invested in developing their professional skills since the beginning of the pandemic. Nearly half (46%) say they have had fewer opportunities to learn from, and collaborate with their colleagues, while 37% say they have been hesitant to approach managers for support and guidance during the pandemic.’s research also showed that many have struggled with the resources used to deliver remote training. Almost half (48%) have found online learning solutions provided by their employer to be too generic, with the same number saying that their business ought to invest in better digital learning tools or courses over the coming 12 months.

Over a fifth (22%) of full-time employees in the UK would consider leaving their job in the coming year if their employer does not invest more actively in their professional development. This figure jumps to 31% of those under the age of 35.


Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and founder of, added: “As we transition to a hybrid working environment, companies still have time to turn things around. They must look to invest in technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality that can facilitate effective and engaging remote learning, giving the support that employees of all ages need to progress in their careers. If they fail to do so, our research shows that they risk losing talented staff to businesses that can offer more competitive professional development opportunities.” 


By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.