The quality of your office space and meeting rooms can impact the productivity and mood of everyone in the room. By improving your workplace, you can improve productivity and morale across the business. Below, we explore the different ways you can make these upgrades.


For a start, comfort is crucial. If your employees are feeling uncomfortable or suffer from back pain, then they’ll be less productive. Instead, you should look to provide ergonomic chairs for everyone in the workspace. On top of this, you can make meeting areas more comfortable with relaxing furniture to make any guests and visitors feel welcome. By providing a more comfortable office, you can encourage more of your staff to look forward to coming to the workplace.


Lights have a huge impact on our productivity. For a start, dim lighting can cause unnecessary strain on the eyes, making it harder to concentrate and focus. On the other hand, excessively bright lighting can cause headaches and migraines for some people. Instead, you should try and maximise the natural light available in your workplace. One way you can achieve this is by installing Korniche roof lanterns to allow as much natural light to enter the office as possible. Meanwhile, you can experiment with lamps and low-intensity lights at different heights in your office to create a more textured, natural environment on dark winter days.

Heating and air conditioning

The right temperature is essential in the office. If your employees are too hot or too cold, it can adversely affect them. As such, you should look to install a precise temperature system. This should include efficient heating during the winter and air conditioning for the summer. You can also improve your temperature control by installing plenty of windows for your staff to open and close as they please.

Colour design

The colours in your office are important too. You should alter your colour schemes depending on what you want from each room. For a start, red colours are said to boost productivity and creativity. Meanwhile, yellow and orange environments can boost decision making. And a green environment can be relaxing! Ultimately, you should experiment with different colour schemes in different rooms.

Open space

Finally, a closed office can feel cramped and uncomfortable. When you build your office plan, you should look to maximise open spaces and create wide, open areas. Adding relaxing rooms to take a break in can help your employees too.

By improving your office space and meeting rooms, you can give your whole workplace a lift. And by following the advice above you should be all set for a more productive working environment.