A new report from the Association of Professional staffing (APSCo) has identified that the recruitment profession has a vital role to play in supporting the growth of the Scottish economy.

The report, entitled ‘The Beating Heart of the Scottish Economy‘, discusses the future of work in Scotland and features insight from recruitment leaders including Managing Director of Bright Purple, Paul Curry, CEO of BE-IT Resourcing, Gareth Biggerstaff, and Director of Aspen People, Nigel Fortnum, also highlights the importance of flexible working, and the role of APSCo members in boosting productivity and dynamism in the labour market.

With a recent report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) revealing that Scotland is facing challenges in the supply and demand for skills, APSCo’s research also explores how apprenticeships, self-employment, and the impact of Brexit will influence recruitment and how the role of the sector must be recognised as a driver of productivity.

Commenting on the report, Regional Director at APSCo, Moya Rylands says:

“The recruitment profession is valuable in supporting business growth and boosting the Scottish economy. With employment in the country at its highest rate, our members are keen to work alongside the Government and others to reduce skills gaps and increase productivity. Equipped with the personal knowledge on the skills and careers most valuable to individuals and the economy as whole, many of our members on the ground are already working in partnerships with schools, businesses and Skills Scotland.”

“It’s clear from our research, that in order to support the development of talent, the Government must increase access to existing apprenticeship funds for Scottish businesses and continue to develop apprenticeship programs. APSCo members working in tandem with Scottish Enterprise will also help both sides to gain an understanding of the skills demand and motivate more individuals working in the sector to cement long term growth for the country.”