Aon, a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions (NYSE:AON), has developed the first app for employees to access and manage all their benefits from a smartphone – from total reward statements to full benefits enrolment, no matter where they are based. The Aon App enables employers to create engaging campaigns directly with their employees and to address employees’ increasing expectation of having consumer-style easy access to benefits. More than half of the world’s web traffic comes from mobile phones and 61% of all digital minutes are now on a mobile, with 80% of those being on apps.

Employees can fully interact and manage their benefits in an app for the first time. With the app located on an employee’s smartphone, they don’t need to remember a website and can use fingerprint or facial recognition to log in, so there are no username or passwords to remember. Single-sign-on means employees gain access to third party benefits such as personalised pension information. Employees download the Aon App through the App Store and Google.

For employers, the app supports engagement campaigns. Push notifications encourage employees to interact with benefits at specific times, such as announcing a flexible benefits election window, launching a wellness awareness week or promoting total reward before a pay review.

The Aon App is tailored for each client with customised content, language, currencies and branding. It can also be used as an entry point into online benefits as it does not need another platform to function.

Jon Bryant, director – online and communications at Aon, said:

“The difference between the Aon App and anything else is that it is fully functional, meaning employees don’t just access information, they can fully interact with their benefits too.

“This is an increasingly vital part of an engagement campaign. Our workplaces are changing so rapidly plus we have light-speed changes in what we experience as consumers. The upshot is that employee expectations are growing – they want to access and interact with benefits just as they do if they’re buying something from an online retailer.

Jon Bryant continued:

“In a world where one too many clicks are a barrier, employee benefits have to be as simple as possible to help employers engage employees in a far better way. This is a game-changer to help employers to instantly and relevantly communicate and interact with employees – no matter their location, age or digital experience.”