The CIPD has this week released a new guide to help people professionals improve menstrual health support in the workplace.

This follows on from their survey of over 2,000 women aged 18-60, which revealed that more than two thirds of women had experienced a negative impact on work due to menstrual symptoms, yet only 12% of organisations currently offer support to employees.

A CIPD spokesperson said:

“Menstrual health challenges are still often considered taboo in the workplace despite their prevalence and the fact of menstruation being a normal part of life. More than two-thirds of women say that menstruation symptoms have had a negative impact on their work according to our new report Menstruation and support at work. And although 53% of the women surveyed had been unable to attend work at some point because of menstruation symptoms, nearly half said they never told their manager the absence was related to their menstrual cycle.

“It’s imperative for organisations looking to support those with menstrual health conditions to normalise the conversation of menstruation in the workplace. Being prepared to offer the appropriate support can make people feel included, offer dignity, and reduce embarrassment. Managing absence and performance with compassion and flexibility is a key step, along with providing access to work adjustments and offering training in self-management.

HR Professionals and Managers can Explore the CIPD’s guide for people professionals to learn more.