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To respond to demand for personalised corporate wellbeing, HAWQ has launched an individualised health score, proven to boost employee wellbeing by over 80%.

HAWQ, the Health And Wellbeing Quotient, has launched a personalised corporate wellbeing offering, proven to boost employee wellbeing, the HAWQ Score.

Corporate burnout and inferior employee wellbeing is on the rise. Nearly half (46%) of UK employees have reported symptoms and are seeking support from their employer. Yet, with over 32 million employees in the workforce, offering a corporate wellbeing package that meets individual needs has presented HR teams with a challenge. HAWQ’s new launch, the HAWQ Score, aims to solve this.

The new, individualised health score will present employers with a relative representation of the wellbeing of their workforce; along with a tool kit of support to improve wellbeing, boost morale and enhance engagement.

In order to garner the insight of a HAWQ Score, businesses and their employees will be invited to take part in a two-part HAWQ assessment. The comprehensive, research-backed, process, consists of an online health assessment that delves into individual habits around sleep, eating, drinking, and exercise and an in-person health assessment with a deeper physiological analysis.

Upon completion of the online stage, the employee will be awarded a preliminary ‘score’ between 0 and 1000, with the higher numerical value representing an optimum health status. Next, to delve further into the underlying physiological health metrics and discover their ‘HAWQ Score’, employees are invited to attend the in-person testing stage.

Once the full, dual-part HAWQ health assessment has been completed, a final HAWQ Score will be provided to the employee, made up of five key pillars of health including; sleep, body, movement, nutrition and mind. This will provide each employee with a unique snapshot of their individual health in one powerful score.

The HAWQ team is made up of experts in their fields who are committed to providing employers and their teams with the education and support needed to optimise employee health and wellbeing. Once scores have been shared, employers and their teams will benefit from a structured programme of support, engagement and motivation from the HAWQ team, designed to optimise employee wellbeing. This includes 1-2-1 and group workshops on topics such as sleep and nutrition and personalised exercise programmes delivered by the dedicated HAWQ app. The multi-faceted support is supplemented with HAWQ organised social events such cooking classes and sporting events, aimed to create happier and healthier communities.

HAWQ’s goal is to give businesses the resources, testing and support needed to combat employee burnout, sickness, absenteeism and poor mental health. HAWQ does this by providing structured and scientifically tested programmes that improve productivity and create a happier and more engaged workforce which ultimately results in lower staff turnover.

Neil Kadagathur – Chief Executive Officer, Financial Services said:  “We have partnered with HAWQ since [the pandemic] to make sure our team is healthy and feeling well. This has sparked frequent conversations – and a healthy dose of competition – in the office and online about sleep quality, clean eating and exercise! The whole team appreciates knowing we’re taking care of them and their wellbeing.”

Robbie Johnson, Co-founder and Managing Director of HAWQ said: ‘We started HAWQ to provide teams with data driven insights and personalised support with a human touch. The pandemic exacerbated a growing trend for better work-life balance and calls for employers to take more responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their employees. This led to a new issue: how does an employer choose a health and wellbeing solution for a diverse team with a plethora of different needs?

Through objectively measuring employees’ health and wellbeing and providing strategies to empower employees to improve their own health with HAWQ. Together with external experts to support with sleep, exercise, men’s/women’s health and more, our objective is to create tailored programmes that make entire businesses not just fitter but truly healthier. Our ultimate goal is to help teams live better for longer, whilst providing a higher level of data to support the team and their leaders.’

HAWQ has supported a number of high performing corporate teams in the Capital since its launch. Now, the company hopes to increase its reach and provide more businesses with the resources, testing and support needed to combat poor employee wellbeing and the subsequent business impact.

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