Zest Technology has announced the first in a new series of additional content features designed to support its clients and partners in offering a comprehensive engagement platform to the modern workplace.

The free mental wellbeing module is available now and will be closely followed by a range of wellbeing aspects. It includes practical guidance on factors which may affect mental wellbeing such as nutrition, sleep, exercise and mindfulness. Built in collaboration with a number of leading mental health specialists and clinicians, it will be available as an optional, complimentary add-on to the 300+ employer firms that currently use Zest and to anyone adopting the platform in the future.

The feature makes use of the powerful ‘content page’ module in Zest which allows organisations to easily offer up to the minute non-monetary advice, information and support to all employees or to targeted groups of employees within an organisation. This enormously flexible feature extends Zest as an employee engagement tool well beyond the boundaries of traditional flexible benefits systems and puts HR departments in complete control of their messaging to employees with almost no overhead on the central HR team.

Ray Sieber, Managing Director of Zest, commented: “By using our content page capabilities to pre-populate content on key topics that impact the modern workforce with expert advice and guidance, we believe that we are addressing the core needs of companies in keeping their employees happy, well and productive. We are offering this free of charge to all our clients and partners to use as they feel fit. The beauty of our content pages is that every organisation can decide whether to make use of this content or not and furthermore they can easily tailor it to their specific workforce.

“In 2018, an estimated 15.4 million working days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression in the UK so improving awareness of mental wellbeing and encouraging conversations around this too-often taboo area is key. Providing practical advice from experts on how to help manage mental health in the workplace can only be beneficial for all. Zest, already leading the field in providing employees with instant access to information about their financial wellbeing, is proud to offer the option of a more holistic platform which supports employees in wider areas of their lives.”