Access People will introduce new AI-assisted People XD Evo and People HR Evo products, which offer customers an enhanced software experience. These products incorporate AI features and functionality with world-class People Analytics.

HR is known to be a particularly admin-heavy sector. In research conducted by Access earlier this year, 96% of the HR professionals polled stated their HR administration could be completed more efficiently.

The research polled 100 businesses and revealed HR professionals’ key challenges. 55% cited ensuring data accuracy and quality across platforms as the number one challenge. 54% cited system integration as a problematic technology challenge, alongside outdated legacy systems that limit innovation. Finally, over 30% of respondents identified difficulty tracking real-time workforce analytics and insights. 

Access Evo supports HR professionals by significantly alleviating the admin load, leaving more time for strategic initiatives such as people development and workforce planning, which require human judgement and intuition that technology cannot offer.

The new AI generative software reduces lengthy and repetitive tasks such as researching policies, compiling employee data, screening resumes and drafting staff communications, into minutes. 

These time-saving capabilities are also accessible to managers and individual employees, allowing them to self-serve and empowering staff at every level. Two HR product-specific functions will enable employees to quickly and seamlessly retrieve answers across HR solutions. 

Document Skills (plug-in) will instantly find HR facts from any company policy, process or information documentation. Employee Data Skills (plug-in) will instantly retrieve personal, team or company data relative to individual roles and privacy permissions without navigating multiple menus or interfaces

Charles Butterworth, Managing Director Access People, said: “Access Evo is game-changing for HR professionals, who often face the heaviest administrative burdens in the workforce. It’s a fundamental transformation for HR into a more strategic, value-added, insight-driven function.

“Access is seamlessly integrated with cutting-edge AI, analytics and user-friendly features to streamline HR processes, allowing professionals to focus more on strategic initiatives rather than paperwork. This comprehensive ecosystem is poised to transform HR operations, making it easier for our customers to achieve their goals and drive meaningful impact within their organisations.

“Access Evo provides all the benefits of generative AI within a secure, contained environment. It also allows teams to control document access based on role, type, department, or location, ensuring that only the necessary information is available.”

Marko Perisic, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Access said: “Access Evo is the start of the journey to build an ecosystem designed to anticipate and fulfil user needs seamlessly. The technology is dynamic, and with more features yet to come, we will ensure AI is leveraged to enhance every aspect of our products for greater functionality and intuitiveness. We prioritise intuitive, efficient and delightful interactions with Access Evo, ensuring users can achieve their goals effortlessly.

“At Access, our customer data is sacrosanct. Our generative AI works within the Access products and is not connected to the outside world of the Internet. When a query is made, it can only access the data within the product’s domain as deployed on the customer’s system. The result is unparalleled data privacy and security for an organisation, its people and customers.”

Chris Bayne, The Access Group CEO said: “Access customers can be reassured that we are implementing AI responsibly and thoughtfully. We see AI bringing freedom to do more of what their job demands. Incorporating artificial intelligence into our HR products is the next step towards that objective.

“We’re committed to continuous improvement, actively seeking user feedback and leveraging insights to enhance customer experience. With inclusivity in mind, Access Evo is designed for everyone, ensuring no one is left behind, regardless of abilities or technological proficiency.”

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