Betterleap, an AI-powered outbound recruiting platform, today announced new natural language search (NLS) capabilities for recruiters. With Betterleap NLS, recruiters can describe their hiring goals in their own words, such as “I need a software engineer who has at least eight years of experience, knows Python, and works within 40 minutes of the Google HQ campus” and let Betterleap automatically create a search. Recruiters can then expand or narrow down search results using filters to find new candidates that might otherwise be overlooked.

“The integration of NLS into Betterleap is the next step of innovation in using AI for recruiting,” said Khaled Hussein, CEO and co-founder of Betterleap. “Now recruiters can go beyond simply generating job descriptions or email templates with AI, to quickly discovering and reaching top talent specific to the role they are hiring for. The combination of NLS and comprehensive, advanced filters truly takes talent sourcing to a whole new level.”

Search results with Betterleap are entirely personalized to each business and become more custom with each use. No two companies will have the same list of candidates, as NLS automatically expands searches based on what it knows about the company, going beyond what filters can do alone.

By entering a simple search query, recruiters can quickly find candidates who may not have been selected using traditional filters. While other recruiting tools and engines may prioritize candidates based on stagnant queries like years of experience, location, or select keywords, Betterleap’s AI uses a wide variety of signals to surface relevant candidate profiles. Betterleap’s NLS enhancement allows hiring managers to go beyond normal sourcing parameters, using capabilities like “find engineers working at companies similar to OpenAI near Palo Alto” to open up an even more extensive and diverse pool of potential employees.

NLS capabilities are immediately available to all existing and new Betterleap customers directly within the platform. To learn more about Betterleap NLS, visit:

About Betterleap

Betterleap is an AI-powered sourcing platform on a mission to fundamentally change how recruiters find candidates. Empowering recruiters with tools that enable easy candidate discovery, actionable insights and collaboration, Betterleap is breaking down the historically siloed hiring process to allow recruiters to focus on what matters most: the people. Now recruiters can discover candidates in half the time and scale their workflows seamlessly with changing needs. Headquartered in San Francisco, Betterleap was co-founded in 2020 by CEO Khaled Hussein and CPO Anna Melano, combining Anna’s deep product expertise with Khaled’s track record for successfully building category-defining companies. For more information, visit