In an economic climate of increasing competition in recruitment and retention among leading companies, the CEO of a digital talent acquisition firm says remote work is still the best benefit they have to offer.

RemoteWorker is a leading talent acquisition service and online jobs board that specialises in helping hiring managers and businesses connect with job-seeking professionals for remote work positions. The organisation’s CEO, Joseph Boll, says that leveraging remote work, and its many benefits, is the best way employers can be sure they stay on top of the talent game.

“Most companies say they are hybrid, and most of the British workforce expects some kind of hybrid at the very least, but keep in mind that hybrid looks different for everyone,” says Boll. “Some companies may only let employees work from home one or two days per month and call that hybrid, while employees are expecting a lot more than that. This is an area where businesses can come out on top by offering more remote work and emphasising the many other benefits that come along with considerable remote work opportunities.”

On top of remote work opportunities itself, employees and job seekers also rank perks like less commuting and cost-of-living savings as what they want the most out of their jobs. Even amidst a cost-of-living crisis, the British workforce in general is placing more emphasis on benefits like these over outright salary increases.

“Many of the benefits job seekers are looking for come with remote work automatically, and businesses can highlight this,” Boll says.

For instance, more remote work automatically means less commuting, saving employees the cost of transportation and/or parking, while also sparing them from spending long hours just getting to and from the office every day. One study estimated that British workers can save around £300 per year just by skipping out on commuting, while another study found that most workers said they don’t find the in-office experience worth the time and money spent on commuting to begin with — noting that they would happily stay at home when given the choice.

For other cost-of-living savings, remote work can help employees save on things like the cost of childcare or work equipment. While employees are looking for their employer to provide allowances or programs for childcare, this can be addressed through remote work as employees would not have to spend as much income on care services or similar fees. Additionally, if their employer provides company equipment for use — as many do — then that’s another expense that remote workers don’t have to dip into their pockets for, again providing a cost-of-living savings benefit.

“More remote work offers all of this,” Boll notes, “and someone looking for a new job or a better job will be more likely to choose an employer that is happy to provide it.”


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