Online Learning Helped Me To Secure My Dream Job (Which I Had Previously Applied For Five Times)

Susan Frappell is a 23-year old based in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. She was an apprentice and used in her spare time around her studies to gain a diploma in customer service. As a result, Susan secured a job in store support at the head office for a health food retailer which she had previously applied for five times. She has since gone on to secure a promotion at the company and now works as a manpower planning coordinator.

“In 2016 I was doing my apprenticeship in admin which involved a mix of study and working at a learning centre. However, I always wanted to work in customer service. I found my dream job, at the head office of a health food retailer. I applied for the same role five times but was unsuccessful each time. I was not disheartened as I knew I had a lot of transferable skills but I lacked qualifications.

So, during my spare time, between studying and working, I researched online learning sites and came across I was excited to discover it offered a diploma in customer service – so I enrolled right away. I had looked into other e-learning platforms but is by far the most comprehensive and the mix of video and copy suits me. I like it because of the variety of courses, the learning is very focused and you can gain both certificates and diplomas. What’s more, the courses are free.

I fitted studying for the diploma around my apprenticeship and work. I have always enjoyed learning and was very studious at school. I knew that by expanding my knowledge I was investing in my future career prospects. After I completed my customer service diploma, the role I had previously gone for came up again. I applied, but this time I was able to put the diploma on my CV. I had an interview and this time I got the job! I was so happy and the employer was impressed with my willingness to learn and determination.

I have now been with the company for four years and I have gone on to gain a promotion as a manpower planning coordinator. I still use and have completed courses in a variety of subjects including: touch-typing, project management and accountancy. I have also recently studied operations management to prepare me for my new role.

I think there is a misconception around online learning and that you have to go through a formal education, such as gaining a degree, to be successful. Whilst I see there is value in that for certain professions, I urge anyone who is considering upskilling or wants a career change to consider e-learning. Thanks to studying online with I secured my dream job.”

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