Immigration entry stamp on the inside page of a passport. Space for copy.

Yesterday, the minister for immigration, Robert Jenrick, revealed that a new crackdown on illegal migrant workers would see fines triple for employers.

The Government announced what it said would be the “biggest shake up” of civil penalties in eight years.

Employers face a fine of £45,000 per illegal worker (up from £15,000) for a first breach and £60,000 for a repeat (up from £20,000)

HR Advice and Consultancy Director at Peninsula, Kate Palmer says: “This will be the first increase in fines since 2014 as the government intends to crack down on those who hire illegal immigrants.

“It is not yet clear on how the government plans to implement these stricter penalties. The Home Office will consult later this year to discuss strengthening action taken against businesses who repeatedly employ illegal immigrants.

“All employers should ensure that they carry out right to work checks on all employees. This should include employees of long-standing as well as new hires. Where checks are found to be missing, they should be carried out immediately.

“Current legislation requires employers to have checks in place to prevent modern-day slavery, including right to work checks. These are essential for employers to avoid civil penalties. They also offer protection for people against predatory practices, making it less likely that they will become a victim of modern-day slavery.”