Collaboration and productivity are more important than ever in this digital age, with an even greater focus on them since remote work became unexpectedly mainstream during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to, an online jobs board that specialises in helping hiring managers and businesses connect with job-seeking professionals for remote work positions, remote work creates the potential for innovative new ways to increase productivity and maximise collaboration in three major ways:

1. More efficient communication
When working in an office, it’s easy to get sidetracked by a chatty colleague or tempting water-cooler gossip that takes up a lot of time or makes it difficult to focus on the task at hand. With remote work, it’s less easy to slip into long-winded conversations with widespread use of instant messaging apps that encourage teams to get straight to the point. Time-consuming small talk is much less appetising if someone had to type out everything they wanted to say, and the privacy of working remotely also helps staff more easily shy away from lengthy chatter they would rather avoid without hard feelings.

2. Easier availability when needed
When the time does come for meetings, remote work also makes it easier to coordinate instead of scrambling to organise schedules and find out who’s available when. Shared calendar availability at the click of a button facilitates meetings and collaboration without the extra time and hassle of chasing down team members in different departments. It’s also a great way to help colleagues stay on track by scheduling a specific amount of time to ensure everything gets addressed without taking too much time away from respective projects.

3. Better collaboration
Inter-departmental projects often take weeks to finish in offices where everyone works in-person, and it usually involves a long, complicated process to collaborate to that level. Remote work simplifies the process and makes it more efficient with document-sharing that gives everyone access to certain projects and their updates in real-time. Instead of having to transfer back and forth, anyone working on the project can easily retrieve the latest version, continue their work and leave feedback without having to schedule a meeting or try to catch up with the other team members working on the project.

These are just a few of the key reasons why maintains that staff are more productive, collaborative and efficient when working remotely than ever, and why remote work will remain a permanent part of a modern workforce for the foreseeable future.