CURO Increases Configurability of Compensation Management Solution
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CURO Compensation Limited (CURO) has announced the launch of its quarter-end Compensation Management release, further expanding the solution’s extensive capabilities.

The first significant development included in the release facilitates the configuration of Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs) options outside of the publish process. The update allows changes to be made to admin populations without waiting for the review to publish, enabling faster and more frequent changes to take place.

CURO also added budgets to its rolling review offering, bringing this into line with its bulk review functionality. As a result, users are able to track budgets in a rolling review, including a breakdown of spend by both budget pot and pay period.

Charlotte Rooney, head of Product for CURO, shared, “Our new release brings significant benefits to both our clients and our Professional Services team. The budget functionality is one of the final pieces of the jigsaw for our rolling review offering. The changes to HRBP configuration will lead to huge time savings for our implementation consultants. In turn, this improves the speed at which we can respond to customer requests and changes.”

The release also sees the completion of CURO’s salary reduction functionality, allowing reviews to be constructed with a negative budget and negative guideline salary increases. Combined with the ability to let managers recommend a reduction in salaries, the CURO solution addresses one of the key requirements of reward teams as a consequence of COVID-19. This functionality will help meet the rapidly changing agendas and cost constraints that many companies face.

Rooney added, “This is the second release that our development team delivered entirely while working remotely, a testament to CURO’s ability to continue enhancing our solutions to meet the needs of our customers even in these challenging and uncertain times.”