gogeta, a new tax free cycling platform, promises to completely reinvent how HR teams deliver the cycle to work benefit, slashing admin time and offering significantly better savings for employees than existing legacy schemes such as CycleScheme and Halfords.

Despite the fact that this benefit can save employees a significant amount of money, these schemes are notoriously unpopular to deliver, with HR teams reporting burdensome admin, complicated payroll processes and frustrated employees who can’t get the bikes they want or are shocked by unexpected ‘end of term’ surcharges.

For too long, legacy schemes such as CycleScheme and Halfords, who together account for 90% of the cycle to work marketplace, have provided a poor user experience for employers and employees alike.

gogeta changes all of that. By building an online marketplace where employees can apply and buy all in one platform,  gogeta slashes admin time for busy HR teams. gogeta also offers much better savings for employees. With the lowest commission out of all providers and no high ‘end of term’ surcharges, employees save an extra 20% with gogeta. For example, on a bike costing £2000 this means employees will save £293 more with gogeta than if they had used CycleScheme (see comparison table below).

As well as better savings, gogeta offers better choice. The online platform let’s employees choose from an unlimited supply of bikes from the UK’s best independent bike shops and see tax free savings in real time. No longer are employees limited to a certain retailer or excluded from buying bikes on sale. gogeta is the only cycle to work scheme endorsed by the Association of Cycle Traders due to its low commission rates and better product offer compared to legacy providers.

Victoria Ward, Director People & Culture (Europe) at SquareTrade, a client of gogeta said:

“Cycle to work as a benefit is a no brainer for a business. We used CycleScheme to begin with but employees found some of the processes frustrating – hard to get the voucher amounts right and then a surprise fee at the end of the term which felt negative. gogeta was very easy to set up and feels much more transparent and connected – bikes are available and the voucher just works and of course the nasty end fee has vanished. Win win from our perspective.”

gogeta was founded by Barry Scott, who was previously an independent bike retailer and started gogeta because he saw firsthand the extortionate commissions and punitive fees the legacy cycle to work schemes were charging.

Barry Scott says: “For too long legacy cycle to work schemes like CycleScheme and Halfords have been resting on their laurels, taking their customers for granted. These schemes account for 90% of the market and became incredibly profitable by charging extortionate commissions of as much as 16% to independent bike retailers and punitive ‘end of term’ surcharges of as much as 7% of the cost of the bike to employees. All this while offering a slow, clunky and frustrating user experience for employers and employees alike. gogeta will change all of that. gogeta means less admin for busy HR teams,  bigger savings for employees and a better deal for independent bike shops.”

To find out more contact hello@gogeta.cc or enrol with gogeta here