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In an era where workplace boundaries extend beyond brick-and-mortar establishments to global locations, appreciating employees knows no borders. Many businesses ship employee gifts internationally to ensure their hardworking teams feel valued and recognised, regardless of where they are. While this gesture is laudable, it can come with challenges. Therefore, having a guide to best practices for employers is indispensable.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Shipping Partner

When considering shipping employee gifts overseas, choosing a shipping partner is critical. You’ll want to consider several factors, such as reliability, pricing, and speed. Among the options available, one that stands out for those based in the US is using international shipping companies in Virginia. These companies have built a reputation for efficiency, which can assure you that your gifts reach their intended recipients on time.

  • Understanding International Shipping Regulations And Customs

When sending a parcel internationally, it’s important to know about the different shipping regulations and customs in the recipient’s country. Each country may have varying rules and guidelines, meaning ignorance about the specifics could lead to shipment delivery issues. Such problems might include your gift being confiscated or held up in customs. Therefore, it’s essential to research the duties, taxes, and prohibited items before sending a parcel. Adhering to the customs regulations and guidelines can help ensure that your shipment arrives smoothly and as expected.

  • Packing Gifts Securely

When preparing gifts for international shipping, prioritising your items’ secure packaging is crucial. Considering the potentially long and rough journey, using high-quality packaging materials becomes essential. It is important to assess the nature of the shipped item and utilise appropriate materials, such as bubble wrap for fragile items or waterproof bags for clothes. Additionally, don’t forget to include all the documentation on the package to facilitate smooth transit and delivery. By taking these measures, you can increase the chances of your gifts arriving safely and in good condition at their destination.

  • Personalising Your Gifts

Sending gifts is not just about the gift alone but also showcasing the sentiment behind it. Personalising gifts in unique ways can make a significant difference to the recipient. Adding a handwritten note expressing your appreciation or choosing a gift that aligns with the recipient’s culture or interests can make the recipient feel valued. Incorporating these personal touches shows that you have put thought and consideration into the gift, making it more meaningful and offering a memorable experience for the recipient.

  • Monitoring Your Shipments

In this digital age, you no longer have to be unaware of your gift’s whereabouts during transit. Many reliable shipping companies provide tracking services, enabling you to monitor the progress of your shipment. By utilising these services, you can ensure that your gift reaches its intended destination and gain the added peace of mind that comes with it. Additionally, tracking your shipment allows you to stay proactive and promptly address any potential issues or delays that may arise along the way, maximising the chances of a smooth and successful delivery of your gift.

  • Being Mindful Of Timelines

When planning to send gifts internationally, it is important to remember that the shipping process will take longer compared to local deliveries. This consideration is crucial to effectively plan and ensure that the gifts reach your employees in time for a specific date, such as an anniversary or holiday. By factoring in the shipping time, you can ensure that your appreciation arrives on time and resonates with the occasion.

  • Gathering Feedback

Once your gifts have been delivered, gathering feedback from your employees is beneficial. This feedback should not only focus on the gift itself but also the shipping experience. By asking for feedback, you can gain insights into whether the gift arrived in good condition and if the delivery was timely. This feedback can refine the shipping process, making it even smoother for future occasions. Additionally, asking for feedback demonstrates to your employees that you genuinely care about their experience.

  • Adjusting And Refining Your Shipping Strategy

It is important to constantly improve and adjust your shipping strategy. What worked well once may not be the most efficient option for future shipments. Therefore, it is essential to remain adaptable and open to change. For example, if you find a more efficient shipping company or discover a better way to package items, be willing to embrace the change. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your gifts reach their intended destination and create the desired impact.


In a globalised world, showing appreciation shouldn’t be limited by borders. While shipping employee gifts internationally comes with its set of challenges, with the right practices in place, it’s more than achievable. By partnering with efficient shippers, understanding regulations, packing securely, and keeping the employee at the heart of the gesture, you can make international gifting a seamless and meaningful endeavour.