According to surveys by Drewberry Insurance, around 32% of people in the UK seek private health insurance as part of their benefits. This makes it the second most sought-after benefit next to flexibility. Considering these numbers, it’s surprising that only around 12% of all employees offer private health insurance. Given the recent pandemic, it’s more important to offer corporate health check access than ever before. If you’re not sold on the idea, here is a list of three reasons why your company should be offering private health insurance.

Promoting a Healthy Workplace

Having a healthy workplace goes further than reducing absences. When your workforce is mentally and physically healthy, you will see a rise in morale and productivity. As part of your private health package, you can offer employees access to a corporate health check, which they can access through Echelon Health. They will monitor health through a range of tests and assess current lifestyles. Then, they will offer advice and guidance on treatments. By offering this as part of your plan, you offer peace of mind that can’t be achieved through the National Health Service (NHS).

Supporting Employees’ Loved Ones

Offering benefits to employees is a great way to make them feel appreciated. If you include private health insurance into your perk package, your employees can access speedy medical care in comfort. Unsurprisingly, one of the greatest fears from employees comes from mental health issues. As you may know, the NHS isn’t well equipped to deal with such issues. By providing access to quality private care, your employees will have peace and mind.

As well as adding employees to policies, you should allow immediate family cover. If your employees’ families can access quality care, you will reduce the number of days your team needs to take off to care for loved ones. It’s a win-win situation.

Includes Non-NHS Cover

Although the NHS is a fantastic service, its abilities are sometimes limited due to cost. Therefore, by adding private health insurance to compensation packages, you are opening up wider forms of treatment. In particular, there may be ground-breaking treatments and drugs that the NHS can’t afford. However, private insurance policies can access them. Further, through private health care, you can offer services not provided through the NHS including osteopathy and acupuncture.

When your employees know that they have access to a wider net of treatments, they will feel more comfortable. Therefore, they can try standard treatments and know that there are options available to them. Further, you are more likely to retain your employees when they feel safe.

Entering the work environment can make employees feel uneasy, especially given the recent pandemic. The best thing employers can do to promote ease is to offer private health insurance. Not only will you promote a healthy workplace with fewer sick days taken, but you will also boost productivity and general morale. By adding private health insurance to your compensation package, you will see greater retention and recruitment rates.