Payscale, Inc., the US provider of compensation data, software and services, has acquired UK-based CURO Compensation, a global leader in pay equity and compensation management technology. CURO helps employers maximise their talent investments by making fair, equitable and appropriate compensation decisions. The addition of CURO’s products to Payscale’s offering enhance its end-to-end solutions for organisations to manage every part of their pay strategy.

“Every worker has the right to expect equal pay for equal work and we are committed to help close the wage gap by providing a broad solutions portfolio to help every organisation get pay right,” said Scott Torrey, CEO of Payscale. “With the acceleration to hybrid work and the welcome emphasis on social justice, pay equity has shifted even further on to the C-suite agenda. It is fast becoming a part of the day-to-day operations of every organisation and must encompass more than just analysis. With Payscale’s focus to build, sell and support data, software and services to optimise compensation, this is the perfect time to bring CURO’s global, market leading products to our customers.”

CURO’s pay equity software is optimised for local, regional and multi-national pay equity audits. Customers will have access to CURO’s pay equity and merit cycle management modules, while also utilising Payscale’s compensation tools and market data. The expanded product portfolio will provide added insights into the workforce unlike anything that is currently available in the marketplace, informing compensation decisions throughout the lifecycle and allowing for organisations to promote transparency and more effectively retain top talent.

“The combination of CURO and Payscale represents the perfect mix of aligning market leading compensation management and pay equity technology with the largest distribution team in the industry dedicated to the compensation management space,” said Gerry O’Neill, CEO of CURO (pictured). “We are further proving our commitment to pay equity by vastly increasing both the number of employees we can impact and the client base we can access. Being part of a larger organisation provides an opportunity to further grow our company and allows our talent to develop their skills in new ways to meet our customers’ current and future needs”. O’Neill will continue with the growing organisation in a leadership capacity for compensation management.