Utilising research and experience from nearly two decades of work with underrepresented groups across world-leading organisations, global consultancy Talking Talent has unveiled its newly developed ‘Keystones Approach,’ a comprehensive strategy designed to address the critical challenges of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the workplace.

With the holistic Keystones approach, Talking Talent is set to transform the landscape of workplace DE&I initiatives by fostering inclusive cultures and driving business success.

Many well-intentioned DE&I efforts have fallen short of their objectives, and the statistics paint a concerning picture. Across all metrics, organisations are failing to make progress and this has been further compounded by challenges around engagement and burnout.

In an increasingly polarised society, many existing DE&I programmes have received backlash; including fear within leadership of causing offence or getting it wrong, and among employees, a sense of feeling patronised or singled out for special treatment.

In response to these challenges, Talking Talent has introduced the Keystones Approach, a multifaceted strategy grounded in behavioural science and customised to suit each organisation’s unique needs. The approach comprises four key components, which address the intersectionality of diversity, promote accountable leadership, and focus on systemic change: elevating under-represented talent, supporting work/life transitions, equipping and enabling, and improving the system. Talking Talent’s approach reinforces the understanding that to truly make progress we need to stop focusing solely on changing the behaviour of individuals and focus on the system around them.

The Keystones Approach offers a promising solution to the prevailing DE&I challenges facing businesses today. Already, Talking Talent’s clients have reported a 56% increase in job performance and £100 million saved each year in retention costs through a 50% reduction in the risk of staff turnover.

Dr Mary-Clare Race, Global Managing Director, Client Solutions, at Talking Talent said, “In 2022, organisations spent approximately $9.4 billion on DE&I initiatives worldwide with a projection of $24.3 billion by 2030 – but the statistics are clearly moving in the wrong direction. In many organisations we see greater polarisation, higher reported feelings of exclusion and a lower sense of belonging than ever before. Ironically many of the DE&I initiatives put in place to solve for these issues have had the opposite effect. 

“But through extensive research, Talking Talent has identified the fundamental keystones needed to build a more systemic and impactful approach to DE&I. One that recognises that every individual is more than a set of labels and only when DE&I belongs to everyone, can it maximise the benefits it delivers to a business. ”

Talking Talent have delivered award-winning DE&I programmes and coaching within world-renowned organisations including Disney, NatWest, Lloyds Bank, Citi, EY and many more.

To learn more about Talking Talent and the Keystones Approach, please visit www.talking-talent.com.

About Talking Talent

Talking Talent partners with clients to build inclusive cultures that drive belonging, engagement and performance. For nearly 20 years it has been providing some of the world’s most successful organisations with transformational coaching and development programmes that encourage everyone, and every business to perform at its best. With a team of over 70 worldwide DE&I coaches, their commitment to building inclusive cultures has impacted millions of lives.