Zoom meetings have become the norm over the past few months due to the lockdown orders. Since people have to work from home, meetings couldn’t happen in person. At first, the novelty of this platform was exciting. Eventually, people started to become annoyed with these meetings. The good thing is that if we get back to a regular work environment, there are things learned from Zoom meetings that we can apply in face-to-face meetings.

Everyone needs to have a voice 

You might notice that if only one person is speaking and running the entire meeting, it becomes boring. You can also see the reactions of every member of the team on your screen. It’s unlike face-to-face meetings where you don’t know how everyone feels at the moment. The point isn’t to control how you react. It’s about giving everyone a voice. Having only one person speaking the whole time could lead to terrible results.

Meetings should be short and concise 

Some face-to-face meetings could go on forever. The worst part is that there are parts of the meetings that are unnecessary. They take away precious time from doing other, more critical tasks. We have to focus on going straight to the conversation’s meat and ending it as soon as possible. Meetings could also be about delegating tasks. Monitoring the progress can happen later, and there’s no need to have a meeting for that. If you want to have better presentations next time, you can consider buying a projector ceiling mount. It will help everyone who will also present in front of others.

Some meetings aren’t necessary 

For companies where there seems to be a Zoom meeting every day, people started to realize that many of them are unnecessary. Instead of a meeting, the team manager can send an email detailing the responsibilities and deadlines. It’s also possible to have direct conversations with the people involved instead of having everyone in the meeting. With the use of the correct strategy, there will be more productive results.

It’s possible to keep things light 

Some face-to-face meetings can be serious. Due to the nature of the topics, everyone leaves the meeting room feeling burdened. Zoom meetings are generally fun. Everyone feels relaxed since they stay home. Others don’t even wear formal clothing to attend these meetings. The point is that not all meetings should be serious. If there are ways to make things light, it should happen that way. The goal is to be productive, and taking things seriously is not always the right approach.

Managing the team 

Due to the work from home order, everyone learned a lot of lessons. It’s even more crucial for team leaders. Managing the team in remote locations is a lot more challenging. However, the goal is to make everyone feel involved. Following up on the progress of every member is also crucial. Most of all, team leaders have to ensure that everyone is in a good mental health state. Even after the work from home set up, the leader should always consider if everyone in the team is emotionally well. It’s not only during meetings but even during regular workdays.

By Lisa Baker, Senior Editor

Senior Editor Lisa Baker is the owner of Need to See it Publishing Group, providing contract news for business and news sites across the UK. Lisa is an experienced HR writer and commentator, editing HR publications for more than 5 years.