Following the election result, Colin Fitzgerald, chair of GRiD made the following comment:

“GRiD sees the election of a new administration as an opportunity to work with government to take forward a positive agenda to support business and UK growth.

“Labour has been clear in its desire to be the party of business in the UK and has already indicated its support for SSP Reform, something that GRiD fully supports and has signed up for.

“A key challenge to UK growth continues to be the 2.6 million who are absent from work long-term due to ill-health, and the group risk industry is well placed to help support UK employers to help manage this challenge.

“We provide a comprehensive range of added-value services aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of employees each and every day, underpinned by highly valued Vocational Rehabilitation that help people who are absent from work due to ill-health return effectively.

“These services are provided alongside financial support when employees, their families and loved ones need it most.

“GRiD is particularly well-placed to help more SME businesses as they seek to improve employee engagement, absence management and UK productivity. We look forward to working collaboratively with the new administration as they seek to bring a variety of solutions to bear on the challenges of 2.6 million long-term absentees and the 9.4 million economically inactive.”